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I keep forgetting to make dream diary posts. I had a tripple-bill dream the night before last and when I tried to recount it this morning I couldn't remember it.

Anyway, back to my dreams

Last nights ones were quite weird.

I seem to be having themes at the moment, I'm back at uni and at some weird restaurant or something with my house mates. The initial part of this one for ages we were at our university shopping centre but at a reastaurant that actually doesn't exist there but the reastaurant didn't serve food instead we had to go over to a burger bar (like mcdonalds but it wasnt) that was accross the shopping centre and order from there and take it back to our fancy tables. We were there ages and eventually I had to go over there to moan. We'd ordered two chicken burgers and two lamb burgers and somebody wanted to change their chicken to a lamb. when I told her she said we'd only ordered three chicken and one lamb and she could only give us one extra one if I paid for it but I didnt because I wanted to speand my money on 20 chicken nuggest which were going at 20 pence each.

I went back to the table which was littered with party balloons and stuff and then the dream ended

I had another dream too.

I was in the queen vic pub off eastenders except it didn't look at all like the queen vic it was totally different. I remember looking at its architecture and working out that once one part had been two rooms and then, at closing time, I was playing piano in the corner with of all peopel my old English Teacher. We were playing amongst other things Christmas Carols. I then said I'd leave and the next thing is I'm waking up at home wearing weird trousers and feeling very dizzy and funny. (this is in the dream not real life) it turned out I'd been to a mental instutution - somebody had spiked my drink and I'd ended up there but I had to try and persuade my mum that I wasn't drunk and that my drink was spiked (which it had been.) I was very piseed off and the trousers were blue and had no bottom. I then had to go to school
Then I woke up.

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