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GLASTONBURY - Online ticket booking - accidental regional bias?

This is pure speculation on my part here, but I have a feeling that there may have been some, I expect completely accidental, bias towards those people living in and around London, in that they may have had a much better chance in obtaining tickets.

Up here in Manc, we went a good hour and 45 minutes without the See Tickets page even loading-up, whilst friends of mine reported success almost straight away in London. My ISP is NTL who, like a lot of ISPs, have a transparent web proxy, which is based locally. Hearing this, I tried changing my browser's web-proxy settings to a server based in the SE. The first one I tried, a Luton cache, regularly displayed the "page busy, try again later" page, whilst my local cache was still displaying nothing, and the first time I tried a cache based in Poplar, I got straight through, and got my tickets.

I wonder, therefore, if connections from much closer to See Tickets servers had a much better chance of succeeding than those from far away? And whether some proxies were much better at connecting than others? (I imagine proxy time-out settings, and connection capacities would have an effect too, with some being better than others)

It will be interesting to see, therefore, if parts of the country have had far more ticket-sales than others.

Also, interesting to see that this year's registration included a mechanism that gave users a perfect connection once they had managed to successfully connect to the first page. Everybody I have spoken to experienced the same thing, once they were in, there were no more server-speed problems. Presumably this was a deliberate trick, employed so as to avoid duplicate bookings due to the final confirmation page, or intermediate pages going down. It also had the side-effect of allowing users to do subsequent bookings for their friends, with no problems after having already made one successful booking from one computer.

I wonder how this worked.

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