November 29th, 2003

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I need to quit my evening bar job

I like the social aspects but it is fucking up my life.

With an afternoon job I constantly find myself getting up at 11 (i.e. the latest possible time I need to wake up to get in) going straight form my afternoon job to the union eating convenience foods then ignoring my sensible side and going out drinking after work practically every night I work.

I don't get to see my housemates hardly ever nor find time to do 'constructive things' such as housework, look for jobs watch any television or potter.

I haven't watched any live television since last tuesday. It's now friday. I haven't seen any of my housemates except when I've woken up or before they've gone to bed since then either.

The union job also makes me smoke.

The office afternoon job have accepted my offer to go full time after Christmas.

But I have this great inertia and resistance to give up my job at the student's union. Pehaps it is me clinging on to the lifestyle I used to have over the last five years too much?

What should I do?