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James' Journal

1st November, 2003. 6:56 pm.

After several weeks of working in low paid tempoary employment because I was too busy wasting my money on all day drinking sessions in my third year instead of looking for a graduate job, and several moments of inspirations whilst stoned, I have finally decided what I want to do with my life. Well, partly want to do and partly what I have to do to acheive it which sounds sligtly more constructive.

I am going to get a well paid job in IT. I have a 2.1 from a top five CS department, hopefully I stand a chance before the IT recruitment market is entirely saturated.

That's the "have to" part. I need to pay off my dire financial situation and earn in such a way that I can buy things I want, save money and pay off debts instead of just making ends meet as is the situation at the moment.

I shall do this for three to five years, however long it takes.

I then intend to leave full time employment.

I then intend to go back to university and do a masters, maybe even a degree if I can afford it on my own back and own money, in something interesting. Almost definatly an arts degree. The point of this is to learn something that fashinates me or I enjoy doing and career prospects will be irrelevant to my choice.

I quite like the idea of a Drama degree, though that may require some prior study beforehand because I'm not sure I have appropriate A Levels. (Maths Physics and Chemistry seem so restrictive)

Alternatively History, Sociology, Psychology, Politics or Music sound appealing.

This will make me a mature student in my late 20s. Which sounds pretty cool. Hopefully I'll get some travelling in during this time too. No idea what though.

So that's it. THat's my life for the next eight years or so. Its nice to have something to aim at rather than not knowing what I want to do.

Ah well, thought I'd write it in my livejournal.


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