September 21st, 2003

(no subject)

Well, it's been a while since I've updated on a real computer.

Been a buisy few weeks, been working 9-5 and I don't really have the motivation to be sat on a computer after that, at the very most is just my email and a coupel of mailing lists... I'm begining to feel unrelated to the internet and its communities anymore.. To be honest I've been moving away from real life communities for a long time, LiveJournal managed to stretch my online period a bit but even now I feel I no longer have the time to keep up with my friends page. I havent thoroughly read LJ in about a month.. other than a couple like bonedragon's entries... I fear I may not ever have the time to be into it as I once was. The same applies to IRC.

I'm not planning any big dissapearence but... I think my time here is waining to a natural conclusion. That's about it really.