August 15th, 2003

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I decided to get some virus software the other day, after being advised on some by fba. Apparently I had a virus, and by the looks of things had it for quite a while (since before I removed 98 I expect. It had infected all my .exe files and they all had to be quarentined off. Which was convenient. So anyway today I've been busy reinstalling windows (several WIN2K components were infected so I had to reinstall, I did an 'over the top' install which is a bit naughty I know, but I couldnt be arsed backing up and reformatting, especially as this format is only a couple of weeks old.)

I've since been reinstalling drivers, software, service pack 4, oh and I patched up that worm everybody's rabbiting on about, not that I needed too as it turned out that said software had succesfully found and removed it. Which was nice. Anyway now I have a stack of old .exes which I dont know what to do with. The main virus was called 'parite' - never heard of it. It didn't seem to do anything malicious other than spread to.. everywhere. Web literature also says its more or less harmless. I'm beginning to think it was pointless going to such lengths to get rid of it if it did nothing but it's done now. I have a lot of .exes I'm not sure what to do with because they're infected. I'll just have to find a disinfecting programme and repair what ones I want to keep and bin the rest I suppose.

I got antivirus software mainly because my computer was being a bit slow and lethargic, in particular there was a problem where explorer.exe wouldn't shut properly at closedown. Not sure if the virus was the cause but its nice to be protected now I've got AV software installed. Hopefully things will be a bit smoother from now on

Anyway, far too much computing for one night - off to bed!

Am I the only person that thinks Dysons are pretentious?

[5.16 pm] pfft. Dyson better!
[5.17 pm] All the cool people have a Dyson.
[5.17 pm] <_jamez_> All the pretencious people have a Dyson :P
[5.17 pm] <_jamez_> ooh, look at me, i've got a dyson, rah rah rah, it's all pretty coloured and doesnt need a bag, im now going to iron my dimond cufflinks and get my chauffer to drive me to Waitrose
[5.18 pm] <_jamez_> Do you really want that to happen to you nick?
[5.18 pm] <_jamez_> Its a slippery slope
[5.19 pm] <_jamez_> you'll end up going to Trendy Wine Bars and playing Badmington every wednesday with somebody called Gerald
[5.19 pm] * GrooLover giggles
[5.19 pm] I used to play badminton when I was younger :P
[5.20 pm] Nick: did you follow the link?
[5.20 pm] I like badminton...