August 2nd, 2003

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I think Windows 98 was to blame for my slow transfers, youknow

Now I have 2K running, I can transfer (back) well fast, even on 'same cable'

Though the fact I'm transfering from a newer driver to an older one instead of vice versa might have an effect.

Though the slowest drive is only a two and a half year old 30 gig, so shouldn't be too bad.
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I'm having second thoughts about having BBC News Online as my homepage.

Waking up to as the first thing you see must make most people want to hide under the bedsheets again!

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Today i'm getting my new desk - yey!

Its an old sort of 40s, 30s style oaken desk, varnish peeling off but in good condition otherwise, and with a good sand then wax would come up a treat!

getting a swivel chair to sit on too

I'll not have to compute on the floor like I have been for the past three weeks - it hurts your arse, you know!

looking forward to it, i'll take pictures
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Does anybody know of any good online poster shops that sell large posters of the Bee Gees very cheaply?
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