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James' Journal

5th July, 2003. 11:03 pm. Bizzare Medical Problems

This week I have been suffering from the strangest complaints.

At the end of last week/last weekend, I noticed a slight red blotchiness on my legs and chest. It didn't itch or feel uncomfortable so i thought nothing of it, attributing it to walking in the sun with my shirt off or something. anyway, it went but on Monday/Tuesday I suddenly had a spate of very itchy elbows. At first I thought it was nothing until both elbows became effective as did my knees (though they didn't itch) Both were red, bot blotchy, just red. Tea Tree lotion cream helped releive fairly well but after a couple of days this irritation went completely as if it was never there. But just as the elbows were going, did my hands suddenly suffer from incredible itchiness. It would be worse as I woke up, when they would be very itchy and at the worse very red on the palms. Again, the tea tree lotion helped, though its help may have just been that of a placebo. For a month or so I had noticed a few white bobbles or spots under my skin on my hands, very, very, very small. I had been worried that they were warts of something and they too flared up when this happened to my hands but now they've gone. My hands became better again yesterday as quick as they got bad and I can't figure out what happened there too. Finally, my latest symptom is my lips. yesterday but far more today my lips have become very, very dry. I've used nivea to make sure they dont crack but they are very dry and sore. I have no idea what is wrong with me or how these symptoms (which never happen at once) could be connected but it is baffling me. At first I thought it was prickley heat but now I don't have a clue. Has anybody else ever suffered anything similar?

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