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James' Journal

27th June, 2003. 4:55 am.

27 find out if we're in a cable area or not next year
26. Sort out about what's happening with sky at the end of the month
26b cancel MUTV since Adam nolonger lives here.

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27th June, 2003. 6:59 am.

Atop my wardrobe is a mug that has been there for most of the year. It has around a centimetre or so of mould in it. I don't own many mugs, infact strictly speaking it is the only mug I own. It was ontop of the wardrobe because I kept putting off cleaning it throughout the year and now I'm moving out.

What should I do with it?

Throw it out, just buy another one
Wash it
Wash it with bleach
let it grow more in my new place
enter it into the turner prize as modern art

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