April 26th, 2003

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I haven't been updating my livejournal much lately, so here's my latest.

Back in Manchester. Doing work, project report to hand in on a week wednesday (going to ask for an extention... if I can) lots and lots of missed lectures to catch on, lecture notes to track down - gotta ask lots of lectueres to give them me! What else... Oh yes jobhunting - havent even thought of that. I'm enquiring about doing a masters but I think I've left it a bit too late for this year. Think it'll be living back in London and looking for a job for a bit. Ah well.

What else?

Skint, literally have no money. barely have a fiver and i'm using that to keep me in fags until monday when loan cheque comes in. I'll be getting a grand one hundred but I have a nasty feeling that will get eaten up veeeery quickly.

In other news my mate Adrian's coming down on Friday so it'll be a boozy weekend.

Managed to get work, Monday and Tuesday daytime and likely to get more shifts - so all good good good. It's all money at the end of the day. I'll try and get boozed on monday. Even my mate Huw is so skint I had to buy him drinks.

Me Nuala nad Jamie were so sad today sat in on a Friday watching shit television (why does Thursdays have the best tv?) Jamie was being a bit of a cock actually, making out like he never goes out anymore. There's a reason, - we have no money!

Well I don't anyway. Even the �20 Adam owes me I won't get till monday. So I am literally stuck in all day. i couldnt even go to get shifts and have a pint - arrrgh!

Then there's driivng tests to buy. My mum said she'd pay for me to retake it but I dont like to ask plus if I do ask it means I cant ask for money for other things too soon..

Doing work on my project. Not my report though which is bad! No, i'm commenting everything and doing final tewakage. Sort of slightly adictive in a scary way. Ah well fun.

Thats about it, dont think theres anything more for me to write really. Can't remember any dreams for ages so _dreamyjamez_ will go unupdated.
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It doesnt matter how many times I listen to it, it still touches and effects me.

Coldplay A Rush of Blood to the Head must definatly be one of the best albums in the last couple of years, since... well parachutes, of all bands ever.

I seriously beleive there isn't another album of any band that is has been in the same league as their last two since Ocean Colour Scene or some of Blur's earlier work...
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