April 19th, 2003

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Just posted a fucking long dream diary entry - 17,821 words on _dreamyjamez_ - I'm quite proud. If anybody wants a laugh, go there and read the disabled toilets bit.. Very bizzare.

Anyway looking abck at these dreams (18 hours of sleep) I noticed something weird. I was imagining places that looked like the real place (because so often in dreams you dream about a place, and you know what place it is and where you are but it looks quite different) and anyway I was imaging it from a different angle. Like rooms which layout wide were right or correct but I was, in my minds eye seeing them from different angels, as if they were twisted around. Even when I walked about I saw from differnet angles but differnet within different so even more different. And it made me think, deep down, do we always imagine places from the same angles, even if we can see other parts of the room, are they in our heads always the same angle... Its less how we see them but how we picture OURSELVES in them. When I picture myself in htis room I see myself as being in a positon with regards to how you look int he room when youopen teh door. I dont imagine myself as if I was looking in from say the garden. Nor the case for other rooms. Like I was dreaming about my room in halls in the first year and also my house this year. I dreamt it the same, but it was as if I was looking at it a different way and iit was ninety degrees out to how it should be... Does this really make any sense to anybody? It's an awake thing as much as a dream thing. More like, how you feel where you are than how you see things...