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James' Journal

11th April, 2003. 4:13 am.

No wonder my friendsfriends list is so big, I'm a member of paidmembers hence everybody there is on my friendsfriends list.

I'd change it if I could be arsed.

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11th April, 2003. 5:43 am. Cerealness

I am currently porting old dream diary posts from this journal to my dream diary livejournal, _dreamyjamez_ using the backdate feature and I was reading this one, http://www.livejournal.com/users/_dreamyjamez_/8582.html?mode=reply from August. It is quite cereal because I seem to recall that particular dream now *more* vividly than when I dreamed it. When I read myself recalling the place I was in I can invisage it as if I was in there myself quite now. Very, very spooky. I love dreams it is a real passion and I am so glad I have kept a dream diary journal and advocate others to do the same. Dreams are just so cool.

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11th April, 2003. 6:50 am. A few points about eyerak

* The first thing that is annoying me is the armed force's attitude towards policing. British and US troops alike, in Bagdhad and Basra (and soon other cities) are countrently opperating a 'couldn't care less'/'don't get involved' policy regarding policing and keeping the police yet they are more than happy to destroy any form of establishment that rightly exists. Rightly or wrongly, our nations have gone into this war, and are dramatically changing a people's society. Some are jubilant about this feeling liberated, others feel invaded by western imperialists. Irrespective of this, I beleive it is utterly wrong for an Army to take down a government without dealing with the consequences. The coalition is saying 'War today, Policing tommorrow' and that they'll start dealing with day to day order soon, but how soon? How many more hospitals, schools and orphanages will be looted before we stop turning a blind eye? It is one thing to liberate a country, and if it was me I would be quite glad, but I'd be a little more happy if I knew the liberators would replace immediatly what order they removed and didn't inflict anarchy on me in the mean time. I think the coalition forces are being exstremely irresponsible. I am in favour of liberation wars but certain responsibilities have to be undertaken. The UN are saying the Americans are already breaking the Geneva Convention by allowing Hospitals to go looted by not protecting them. Again, it is the least they can do, especially considering all the civilians killed, not through the nececities of liberation but through accident and negligance on the sides of the armed forces.

* Where are all the weapons of mass destruction we went into this war for in the first place?

* I am not happy about the future of Iraq post war. I never was, but the way it is looking increasingly US and nothing but US after the war has ended scares me. Not only is it very irresponsible to disturb the balance of a very volatile reason by plonking yourselves in the middle of it, everybody who has critisised the US by saying they are just in the war for the oil and strategic base is going to be proven right. Dispite what happened to the UN at the start of this war, the UN needs a place in the future of Iraq, and a post war Iraq should be run by the UN and nobody else until some form of stable government can be chosen. Sadly I do not see this happening and the US's case for appearing as liberaters and not imperialists is waining by the day.

* The way the US are fighting amongst themselves and other nations over who runs a post war Iraq scares me. Some of the politians they are pulling out from all four corners of the middle east to potentially run Iraq post saddam are far from noble. Do they plan to just stick anybody in and hope for the best? Even if that's not what they're intending it sure as hell looks like that from here. Are they currently shopping to see which glovepuppet fits the hand best? If anybody thinks that a post war 'all sides holding hands' government is going to be easy in iraq must be on the funny gas. Unless that's what the Americans want to have an excuse to stay in as long as possible. It seems that every scenario for post war Iraq is scary...

* I am very frightened of Turkey entering the war within days. Any slight threat of a Kurdishtaan and they'll be in and trying to make Turkey a little bit of a larger country... Things will get very messy from then on.

I was cautiously in favour of this war, but I am not in favour of how things are running. It's all France's fault. Along with Russia they provented this war being a UN war which in so many ways would have been a lot safer.

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11th April, 2003. 7:08 am. A big day for me today

There are four different episodes of Dharma and Greg (currently my favourite US television programme) on today accross three different channels

We also have reruns of neighbours on UK Gold, The current episode of Neighbours, Golden Girls (obviously), Cosby Show, and if I get bored, reruns of I'm Sorry I Haven't a Clue on BBC Radio 7

Oh, daytime tv is *so* great when you have Sky!

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11th April, 2003. 7:22 am. Max is odd

Max is being very peculiar lately. He has become exstremely talkative lately, not in a whining way but in a friendly way, but he still constantly goes on asking for food. He has plenty of biscuits but he demands tinned food but when we give it to him (and we only give him the smallest bit because he's very much a 'little and often' kind of cat) he takes one bite then fucks off into the garden for five minutes. And then he's meowing to come back in before you know it. Must be the changes in the seasons.

By the way, whoever mentioned that boiled water would be a good idea to solve the problem of him refusing to drink water out of his bowl was dead on. Now my mum and me have started giving him cold water that's been boiled out of the kettle he laps it up. It must indeed be the smell of Chlorine that put him off.

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11th April, 2003. 7:54 am. Day to day life diary

I don't post enough about my day to day life anymore. In transfering my dream diary posts from years gone by (well february 2002 i'm on at the moment) to _dreamyjamez_ I couldn't help but notice some of my non dream entries from that time and its so weird to read them again. Especially when I was in my second year living int hat house again. Good times. Well Different times. But nowdays I dont post like things I've done, I post like, well the kind of things I'd post if livejournal was a community or a mailing list. In some ways that is what it has become to me, a big newsgroup in a sense to chat with people. And that's wrong. it should be a journal of what I do. Perhaps I'm affraid my mundane life would be boring but ah well, I'll post it anyway.

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11th April, 2003. 7:57 am. LOL

Just found this dream diary post from January 1st 2002

"Remember how I had that dream when I went on the internet and posted naked pictures of myself?

Well I had another one last night when somebody I know called Corkster somehow ended up with them and his parents saw them on his computer and now they think he's gay!

Thank god *that* didn't really happen..."

Funny times...

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