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James' Journal

30th March, 2003. 4:39 am.

Something weird has happened.

Somebody has given me an anonymous gift. Of 6 months paid membership to Livejournal.

Which is pretty coool.

I must say I am pretty flattered.

And baffled as to who it is! (seriously I have no idea)

All I can say is "many thanks" to whoever did this. All I know is that there are some nice dudes and or dudettes out ther and I think this settles the fact I'l defininatly be a full up paid member from now on.

Which is pretty cool

So, er, Thanks!

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30th March, 2003. 4:46 am.

Clock changes weird me out.

Its now 4:42 and it should be 3:42

And there's always the annual debate which I might as well put here as an LJ-poll

Should the clocks go back?

Yes, keep GMT and BST (or whatever your local equivelant is)
No, the longer nights are better - Keep BST (or equiv) all year round
No, I prefer lighter mornings, keep GMT (or equiv) all year round

(UK) Should we go inline with europe and go an hour ahead of what we normally are (hence later sunset, later sunrise)


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