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James' Journal

27th March, 2003. 1:12 am.

According to the news, the British and American forces have been bombing irarky television. Do we think this is good because it avoids proppergander or bad because it is censorship?

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27th March, 2003. 2:42 am. Name the LJ-er

Who said this recently on IRC I've had to LJ-Cut itCollapse )

LJ user

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27th March, 2003. 4:36 am.

Poll #117347 Herb poll

Sould 'erb be legal?

Yes, but only for medical purposes
Not legal, but decriminalised
Not at all

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27th March, 2003. 7:24 am. Netscape 4

Is evil.

It is like

Every peice of work I do I have to do double the amount to ensure it works in netscape 4.

Netscape 4 for linux is even worse!

And the worse thing, its the default browser in our department. (and everybody has the option to use mozilla on linux or msie on windows) why!

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27th March, 2003. 12:31 pm. Paid account expired

My paid account expired today, and I'm seriously considering getting another two months, given the couple of pounds that it costs me, even though I'm very skint. Given I use LJ so much it seems nice to give something back, plus polls and more pictures are convenient.

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