March 16th, 2003


Can somebody please answer me this

What is the correct usages of inverted commas, ' and double inverted commas "

Specifically, when should you use 'single' and when should you use "double"

What are the rules for nested inverted commas, inverted commas within other inverted commas?

Also, when punctuating within inverted commas, should the punctuation "go on the outside"? or "the inside?" or both. If both, what when?
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Worrying dreams

I am getting ever more concerned with my dreams lately. this one is not uncommon in being about a very very powefull irrational fear of flying. In my awake guise I am not scared about flying but I dream about being petrified.

I used to love flying when I was younger and did it a lot. As a young teenager I got a bit wary after the TWA disaster and Lockerbie and was always vaugely paranoid of bad terrorist things happening years before September 11th. The latter didnt really effect my fear of flying that much though I havent been on an aeroplane since 1999. Short haul flights dont seem to worry me, though long haul ones are quite a scary prospect and somewhere like Australia would be quite weird. But in general I am not scared of flying and would go on an aeroplane but my dreams for some reason do not reflect this and the fact I am for no reaosn being scared of flying in dreams makes me wonder, do I have some psychic preminition going on telling me never to fly? Should I be scared of flying. Or do I have a fucked up subconcious? Eitherway I feel I should be worried. Something isn't right and I want to know what. What should I do?

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