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James' Journal

10th March, 2003. 3:12 am.

I had a strange dream last night where I dreamed I was watching the episode of Neighbours where Cheryl Stark died, but I never saw it at the time so i dont know what happened and in this episode she accidentally cut herself with a knife and it went sceptic and then there was this intermission with music in the middle of the episode. Our entire familly were watching it.

Oh and I dreamed that there was going to be a nuclear world war and I was trying to think of a way and excuse to try and excape to switzeland to get out of the fireing line of things but didn't know if I had a work permit.

Current music: Chris Moyles.

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10th March, 2003. 3:26 am. Just an idiot

Speant a while back-updating some of my dream diary lj _dreamyjamez_ with old dream diary posts that I'd origionally posted to my main livejournal, and only posted them to this LJ by mistake!

Now I've got to do it all over again!

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