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James' Journal

8th March, 2003. 11:27 am.

If you dink 50 units of alcohol and then have 12 hours of sleep, and about two hours of wake, would you be over the legal drink drive limit?

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8th March, 2003. 11:39 am. Alcoholism

Before you read this, I'm not proud of how much I drink and am certainly not proud of how much I spend on drinking.. I need to drink less (which I am since the events I am about to describe) and speand a lot less.

Anyway I digressCollapse )

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8th March, 2003. 11:45 am. A confession

I have taken to liking Kylie Minogue. I am downloading a lot of her music lately. (along with my Zombie Nation and Da rude and Manics)

I havent had the guys to have it off the headphones when my flatmates are around yet. though then again I only listen to ABBA on headphones when people are around..

My flatmate's really into it, and she cites this on being a faghag which I find quite amusing.

I feel ashamed, but she is ever so slightly catchy.

What can this all mean

Am I going mental?

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