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James' Journal

7th March, 2003. 1:56 am. Garlic

Why is it, whenever one chops up garlic the smell stays on your fingers for days, no matter how many times you wash your hands or have a bath or shower?

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7th March, 2003. 3:02 am. Contemplation

I am seriously considering stopping using trillian. There are a number reasons for this.

1 - It is full of bugs, in particular with regard to MSN and Yahoo! (Yahoo! is the worse, but MSN is what I use the most so it is the most annoying)
2 - Most of my friends, with a couple of exceptions, either use MSN in some flavour or another. And that list is going up (even Sea got MSN the other day)
3 - Hardly anybody uses ICQ anymore (it was all the rage a few years ago) and I do not know anybody that uses AIM. There are a very small number of people who use Yahoo! but they'll have to be sacraficed for the greater good
4 - I have one good friend who refuses to use MSN and instead prefers ICQ but he uses IRC too so I can just use mIRC for him

Which leaves me with no reason to use trillian whatsoever

so there.

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