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James' Journal

2nd March, 2003. 5:51 am. Killing Me Softly With His Words

Who sung the origianal?

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2nd March, 2003. 6:00 am. Ezio

I doubt anybody has ever heard of them, I haven't, but they were on at work tonight.

Its not often lately that I work a Gig where I find the perfomers really amazing, especially if I've not heard of them beforehand but these were pretty good. It was in the Academy 3 which is the smallest venue and the only place where you can work and actually see directly to the stage well and there wasnt much work to do. They had a supporting act who was an amazing woman with a very strong voice voice who sung a few of her own tunes followed by Killing me Softly (apparently she supports a few times) then the main band came on. Mainly accustics but electric on bass, excelent guitar work and they were funny fuckers too. So all in all a good night's work. A sight for sore ears, and welcome releif after stone Sour last week (argh)

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