February 28th, 2003

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It will be an expensive phonebill this month

For the first time since moving to O2, I've used all of my 200 minutes - infact I've used around 290 if you include a long phone call I made today to my mate that was longer than I expected

He's on Orange too - 40p a minute - not good news.

So I'm expecting a bill somewhere in teh region of 60 this month :/

These last few months they've been coming in at exactly 30, because that is what my linerental is and I've not been exceeding my 200 anytime to any mobile network or landline minutes nor my 500 text allowance

Until this month

Tommorrow is my 'due bill date' whcih means it gets debitted in about a fortnight.

That at least means I can start using my phone without worrying after tommorrow as I'll be back using my free minutes.

Its a pity minutes do not roll over as in previous months I have not used my full 200 minutes, though I have come close

200 minutes is quite a nice number for me, when I was on T-Mobile, the 100 anytime any network minutes weren't quite enough.

500 text I'll never use but that's just a bonus and it is nice to feel that I can text anybody without worying about getting a big phonebill as a result becuase I know I'll never use that much. I didn't even get the contract because of the large number of text, and when I did get it it was only 300 but they put it up the first month I had it - wickid!