February 15th, 2003

I've not posted to livejournal in so long that ang_grrr has turned into a man and dougs has turned into a different man without a beard!

Got wasted last night.. Needed to be done, valentines day. Pah. All those happy couples with roses and stuff being "ooh ooh, we're going for a quiet meal together, ooh ooh, lets have tantric sex or something afterwards." Enough to make you sick it is. People shouldn't be allowed to have partners when I don't :-)

I've semi given up smoking. I was smoking last night after deciding to give up but I have no intentions on smoking now, even though I do have a pack of Marlborough Reds (horrible they are, horrible horrible) in my coat. So few of my friends smoke thesedays I don't know who to sell them to though! I'm not going to bin them, that'd be such a waste.

In other news, I should really say a few words about the war.

Now I am not perhaps not as anti-war as most. I beleive that sometimes there is a case for war, not just to protect security or oil or material interests but to free a people from tyranny and a cruel and illiberal life. Some might say that we as influential foreigners have no right to poke our noses and all wars will result in death and casulty of innocent people, but sometimes you have to weigh up the alternatives and when a person gases millions of his own people you have to think that war is sometimes a nicer alternative. Sometimes.

However, I am still in favour of the passive approach before any agreessive approach. War should be a last resort and in the interests of the greater good of humanity and nothing else. In the case at hand, Iraq, I am currently anti-war at this particular moment in time. This is for a number of reasons. To begin with, I trust neither the US government nor its agenda. I trust the British Armed forces and intelegance services but my faith in the Blair administration is almost as low as that in the Bush administration. Furthermore, I find it particually worrying that France, Germany and Russia are opposed to this war. If it was so vital then these countries, the first two I certainly have more trust in than the USA, would surely be in favour of it. Finally I beleive very strongly that in all situations like this there should be one organisation and one organisation only that should have the final say, and that is the UN. The UN was established for a reason and at the moment it is being grossly undermined. Iraq may be in breach of UN rulings but so are many other countries including - say - Israel and the Americans aren't about to bomb them!

There are cases where war is sadly the only answer and in the coming months it could transpire that a war with Iraq is the only way forward, and I'd probably end up supporting the notion given the right circumstances but at this moment in time I am opposed to it.

Anyway, thought I'd best make my opinions heard..