January 25th, 2003

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Bit of a fucked up Eastenders last night. Good episode though. Nice to see the Moon family back in it. It needed a bit of new blood and I like them as a permanant fixture... Finally see they're killing Mark off too - bit of a shock too at the end of the episode... I didn't think they'd ever do it... I suppose it is a realistic time frame for somebody with his condition though.. Its good that a soap follows through its storylines instead of getting bored with them...

In other news, Neighbours is going through a bit of a boring patch at teh moment, does nobody else agree? The whole Rosie thing with Lou and Harold is boring and she's far too much like Madge. The Lou Kidney thing is a bit random too - how many things happen to one guy? And the Susan storyline has gone on for ever. They need new people to liven things up a bit. And some more girls now that Flick is going. I read on one of the enwsgroups that they're having a gay charecter too.. Quite unlike neighbours that. But probably about time. What happened to the Lesbian storyline, does anybody know?
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