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James' Journal

24th January, 2003. 1:12 pm.

At uni. Just had an exam. Not bad, could have been better though.

Nobody wants to drink with me though. Everybody's either got course work to do or is revising! how shit is that? I've got to stay at uni because I'm getting union shifts at about four so I've got to do revision too.. need beer...

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24th January, 2003. 5:28 pm. Nobody wants to go out!

I really want a beer but nobody wants to go out!

3 people are revising (one's revising and packing too)
2 people are working late in two different places
2 (unrelated) people are going to the cinema.
1 person's gone home
2 (unrelated) people are in huddersfield

Hmm. Perhaps I need more friends.

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