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James' Journal

23rd January, 2003. 1:53 am. I've not read my livejournal in so long that dougs has turned into a tweenie

Been busy lately, couple of updates to do and lots of peoples recent entries to read. Expect a torrant of comments and about two entries from me at some point when revision gets boring.

In other news, is hawkida still willing to help me in paying for a paid livejournal account? If so let me know offlist eitherway.

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23rd January, 2003. 9:25 am.

I am now a paid member of livejournal.com

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23rd January, 2003. 10:28 am. New LJ User

Well not really, it's _dreamyjamez_

This is a special lj account that will log my nighttime soapoperatic adventures.

Some might find this dull.

When I first got my LJ, it was going to be my main use of it. But it didn't really work like that and I use it as a normal journal now instead.

Once I was considering leaving Livejournal, early on like and hawkida really wanted me to stay. When I said "oh, I might keep it for just logging dreams" she was like "But they're the most boring bits!"

Some of you might not like my dreams but prefer my awake antics and as such you can filter them out by not adding my dream diary to your friends list. Others might love them and you can subscribe! Others who might be reading this on friends-of-friends may not know me or want me on their friends list but want my dreams so you can just add _dreamyjamez_ instead.

So do what you will with it. Also, those who do add me to friends list, give me some indication of whether or not you'd like me to use lj-cut or not. I'm considering not using it because it's a specialist livejournal and as such those who dont like the entries can just remove it from their friends list, however I'm my own friend so it'll appear on friends-of-friends for many of you. Also I'm considering blocking the friends-of-friends display feature. Should I? Feedback would be great.

So there you go. My LJ career is expanding, first a paid account now this. I am going up in the world, aren't I!

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