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James' Journal

17th January, 2003. 4:46 am. Livejournal

It has made me think.

I joined Livejournal just over a year ago on a whim without even thinking I'd stick to using it.

I now use it more or less every day. I think I'm hooked...

But what has really made me think are the people its made me stay in contact with. When I jined LJ I was more or less at the end of my IRCing days (they are long gone now) and #starbug had more or less died.

I think that had I not joined LJ because I think ajr talked me into it - then I would probably nolonger be in contact with bonedragon, sparklykat, patsykat, valamelmeo, tizzle_b or tiggspanther. I probably would have ended up loosing contact with ajr too, hardly spoke to chisbabe and certainly would have never spoken to cjd or electric_monk ever again. I'd probably only see hawkida and ang_grrr once in a blue moon on yahoo! and never started speaking to dougs to begin with.

There are also various other #starbuggers who I wasnt really close enough with to have in my LJ friends list but its nice to know are still around in the friends-of-friends list and occasionally see crop up in other people's comments.

So it makes you think really. A lot of people I could have lost contact with. Is that the same for everybody?

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17th January, 2003. 2:43 pm.

Is it worth getting a paid Livejournal account?

ADDITIONAL: I think I have answered this question for myself. Two months paid account costs $5, that's about £3 - about the cost of a couple of pints. I think it makes sense to buy two months of paid account just to see what its like anyway.

There is also the sentiment of supporting the comunity, as ang_grrr says - I always truely intended to do this when I had more money anyway. Whilst I owe thousands and thousands of pounds in credit cards and overdrafts I'd put that on hold...

ADDITIONAL ADDITIONAL: Livejournal appears to be an American based company. As such all their rates are in dollars. I presume it is totally possible to pay them via mastercard, but will I get charged commission because it's an international transaction? I've never purchased things from overseas before and am not really sure of the ins and outs.

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