January 14th, 2003

Teething problems

I think I might be teething.

There's a dull ache, well perhaps 'uncomfortableness' is a better word, at the back of my mouth, on the top. The gum behind one of my last teeth is harder than on the other side where there isnt so much gum - like there's a little gap where a tooth could be. But I'm not sure as I haven't experienced teething since I was a todler unless you count when I lost my milk teeth but then my new teeth pushed them out and sort of took their place so thats not really teethich and I'm not sure I want to again anyway. It is as if I have some teeth god forgot to push out before or something. Either that or I have an ulser or jaw strain or something. Hmm.
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(no subject)

I had a strange dream last night where I dreamed I was watching the episode of Neighbours where Cheryl Stark died, but I never saw it at the time so i dont know what happened and in this episode she accidentally cut herself with a knife and it went sceptic and then there was this intermission with music in the middle of the episode. Our entire familly were watching it.

Oh and I dreamed that there was going to be a nuclear world war and I was trying to think of a way and excuse to try and excape to switzeland to get out of the fireing line of things but didn't know if I had a work permit.
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I want a programme

That downloads news posts from a news server, filters it, and dumps it in a text file 'mailbox' on my hard drive, and does this at intervals of every few minutes.

Also I want one that works on windows.

Any ideas?
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