January 1st, 2003

Max's logic

Max is bizzare.

I went downstairs and heard this meowling - it was Max, he wanted to come in. It was cold and rainy outside, so I don't blame him.

So he came in, had something to eat but was unsettled. he had something to eat then didnt know what he wanted, so he sat outside the door asking to be let out, but when I opened it, he decided it was too cold and rainy and that he'd come in again. I put him near the nice warm fire but he didn't settle, he started moaning at me for something else. I presumed he wanted tinned food because he was by the fridge and had had enough of his biscuits, so I gave him a small amount of tinned but he was still restles asking to go out but when I opened the door deciding it was too cold and wet.

He then walks into the shower and starts sniffing about around the shower bowl and the toilet. This is quite alarming as he doesnt usually ever enter the downstairs shower room. For a moment I was amazed. I thought that he needed to take a piss or something and his intelegance lead him to think he'd do it in our toilet instead of going in the wet and cold. I shouldnt have let him, but I was fascinated to see this behavior

Unfortunatly, it wasnt a piss he was after, he climbed into the shower basin and started licking up the water from where I'd had a shower!

He obviously wanted something to drink.

We never keep water in the house for him, because he rarely drinks it, instead stumbornly prefering to go out into the garden and drink out of the pond leaving his water in the house to get bits of food in it where he's messy and stuff.

So I thought he must be thirsty, kicked him out of the shower and gave him a bowl of fresh tap water.

He refused to drink out of it and walked to the door again. Baffled I opened it and he stood there for ages not knowing what to do. Eventually he slowly walked out and stopped two feet away from the door where an old ice cream contained had blown/been dropped by the door and had filled up with dirty rain water. He took a long drink from this and came right in again having completely ignored his bowl of fresh water that I'd picked him up and stuck him infront of twice.

And then he ate some food wanted to go out again, but this time said it was too cold.

He's wandering about down stairs now.

He's a very peculiar cat.