November 26th, 2002


You are 29% geek
Okay, so you've mastered the on/off switch on your computer. But this is nothing to be proud of. Let's face it, a hamster is about as good at computer-related stuff as you. Either take an interest or buy a Mac.

Should I be unhappy that i'm a third year computer science student and scored such a bad result or happy that I'm apparently not geeky?

I drink too much

Far too much.

My flatmate callls me an alcoholic (though she's no better) because theres usually no day that goes by when I havent had a drink.

I'm not an alcoholic but I do drink too much. Its getting too much. As well as the huge debt its getting me in to it means I sleep in far more, and go to far less lectures and generally do less work. Its getting too much.

So from now on, until Christmas, i'm going to seriously cut back. Perhaps have one night out a weekend and drink when I'm meeting my mate but thats it. Less drinking at home, less drinking between lectures, generally less drinking. I think this is well overdue. It just gets less fun. When you go out for lunch and have eight pints to ten pints and don't go home till closing time it can't be good.

[Additional note for Sea and Dougs: Does drinking too much make me a 'fan'?]

Is my current email address I use for almost everything

Given this is my final year at university, I am going to loose that address when I graduate, which is a shame.

No there's nothing I hate more than having to change email addresses every few months so what I want is a domain name which as well as being the place for a homepage can be a redirectional email address to whatever service provider I'm with at the time.

Currently I own, (indeed redirects to the above) but to be honest, It's a crap address.

Here are the criteria for what I need

- Something that's professional, that I can give to an employer or have as my website address that contains a CV and stuff
- Something that's easy to remember that I don't have to spell out over the phone.
- Something that doesn't require a bizzare top level domain because the .com or or .org is taken - I don't want a .net or a
- Something that isnt ambiguous - cf compared to
- Something that isn't as boring as just a name.
- Something that will last me
- Something that isn't geeky or uses silly spellings or xs and stuff.
- Something that people are likely to remember, or an employer is likely to remember, something that's different
- Something that doesnt have numbers in it, like or something
- Something origional that nobody's thought of before.
- Something that looks good on paper
- Something that's clever, funny, witty and basically cool. Without ruining all of the above.

So you can see the dilemma I have.