November 24th, 2002

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I've been very bad lately with my Dream Diary, I have one from a few weeks ago I've forgotten but I told somebody over IRC or some such medium and i'll get his log off him.


I am convinced that my sleep works in patches of 4 hours and each patch has one major dream stretch in it.

This means last night I'd have had 3 patches.

Last night was a bit of a weird one. The first bit was very hectic and I dont remember it. I remember lots of strange and scary things going on but not really the details. I breifly remember lots of cats who weren't cats and one jumping in with a collar on. Quiete freaky./

There was then a sort of dream part when my phone alarm was going off. I kept hitting snooze and it became part of the dream. It sort of lasted forever and became sort of sinister. I dont remember the deatails of that either, if there were any details to that, that is.

But then the sensical dreams started.

The first was kind of weird. I was at the union where I work and I was meant to be working on the main bar and in the cellar (night club) too. (i'm actually doing that htis friday. it was all weird and at one point i was on the top of this big square.. block thing, about 8x8x8 foot. I was writing on the top of it some words in blue cardboard. I then, after having been there an hour leave. Simply leave without saying bye to anybody or without permission to leave and having to be there for several hours to come. I then get home and get very worried i'll be sacked for walking out I think the reason i did it was becaus ei was really really tired and needed some kip. I remember breifly waking up after this dream and being shit scared that I'd really done it and would be in shit.

In the next drea I am in this house. this old stately home kind of house. It might be the fame academy house but I canno be sure. I am with a group of people, including my mum and dad and I think one of my hosuemates. I go into this big room with a woodern bar all up one end. Nobody is there and I go behind the bar to help myself to a drink. My Flatmates friend deirdre and her mother come in and apparently the mother who I've never met but resembles my flatmates mother who I have met once both owns the bar. I then ask if I can begin working there and I do. I wipe all the old woodern bar down and surve somebody some orange juice, fizzy orange juice, out of a bottle. I put it in a glass with lots and lots of ice but cant fit the contents of the bottle in but it mirraculously goes down when I let it settle.

I then have strange dreams that Channel 4 had the origional block-y logos and also a weird semi lucid dream that lasts but a number of seconds. As if I got into lucidity and left it straight after.

I'm then in stockport and my lab supivisor and another person is there telling me something about my project is written on a notice board outside a sweet shop. This bizzare other person then jumps on a a bike and rides away fast. Deirdre is also there I think.

Finally I sleep in by 330 years since before or since jesus christ was there. For some reason I am in an episode of bottom and also our house. it is dark and I keep blowing people up by pressing light switches and stuff. I soon wake up.


How many people pluralise supermarket and shop names. Some people seem to pluralise where others don't I've found.

How many call Sainsbury and Tesco just that or do you and your friends all prefer to refer to them as Sainsburies and Tescos?

I certainly do the latter but what about Asda or Asdas? I'm half and half and I certainly say Safeways not eh -s less version.

I'm not that bad though. My nan would always say Boots-s the chemist


And while we're on the subject, a big debate we had last year in our house - is it cereal or cereals. Am I really the only person in the world that has a bowl of cereals?
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