November 16th, 2002


Had an argument with my flatmates the other day about Rum.

Me and Adam are convinced that if you go up to a bar and ask for Rum or Rum and Coke or whatever that it is taken as read that you mean Dark Rum, Captain Morgan's, Old Jamacan, Old Navy, that sort of thing. That's always been the experience I've had and when I've worked at bars in the past and somebody's asked for Rum that's what I've served with no compliant.

Nuala on the other hand says that If somebody asks for Rum, unless they specify, they will always mean white rum, like Bacardi and that all bars shes been to or worked in give that out as default if somebody asks for Rum. I've never heard of this being done before though Adam claims somebody gave him a Bacardi and coke the other day when he asked for Rum and Coke.

So I wondered where other people stand on this issue. If you went to a bar and asked for Rum and Coke without specifying, what would you expect to be given? What is the standard Rum?