October 19th, 2002

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As some of you know (well probably don't as I havent been keeping my LJ that updated recently) I have been working in the student union lately.

Part of this entails working in the Manchester Academy - a largish gig's venue owned by the union and usually highed out for bands to perform or club nights on a commercial basis (the profit from which is plowed back into the union to help us get pints of lager for 1.35 and so on)

Last night I worked in Stepback at the Academy - sort of Drum and bass/hard house.

Quite an interesting experience. Got there for 10pm - that was when I started work and just before the doors opened. There were about 15-20 of us working on the bar and countless bouncers. They were needed. As soon as I got there I was told to never ever open the back doors because scallies will try and come around the back to get in and jump you. I never left the bar all night! The place then filled up pretty quick. About 80% non students most of which weren't exactly the type you'd like to meet on a dark night. About 90% of the people there had taken some form of party pescription of the illegal variety before coming in which made the whole evening fun. The amount of people out of their head was hillarious. The facial expressions were funny too due to the jaw-lock certain pills give you. Given the amount of us working there it was quite easy work and of course you got tips. They weren't really tips they were more people too fucked to wait for their change to come back. I made 20 this way on top of the 30 or so for working the six hours. The worse part was having to serve constant brandy and cokes to the haggered ugly fourty year old women who kept coming up. Everything else was easy as most people either only drank water for the whole night (obviously) or cans of bud or redstripe. It was just the fucking brandy and cokes!Yes, that really is a sign of class.

The music was good, especially as it included a bit of old school. Given the bar was quite away from the stage it wasnt too loud so you could work and I didnt need earplugs like in the metal concert I had to do the night before. At 2 AM the bar shut and the bouncers cleared everybody out of the bar area. All of us were locked in and it took about half an hour to clean up then we just had to wait until three for everybody to leave which was pretty cool. Then it was just clearing the shit from the floor in the main part of the building. Litereally a hanger sized room covered in black liquid, cans, pills, dummies, and plastic water and smirnoff ice bottles. So that bit was fun. Other than that a good night. Earned about 50 if you include the tips - not bad for six hours work. Got back here at 4am which is why I speant most of today sleeping.