October 8th, 2002


Went driving today. Was like, pretty good. Booked my theory, not set a date yet but it'll be in next couple of weeks.

Went shopping - speant too much money but then again I now have all the clothes I'll need for ages. But like I'm freaked out because when I started uni I was a 32" now I'm a 34" and for one pair of jeans I was fucking 36" I mean like they were low cut but still. I Think before long I'll be 36" for everything, though. Not something I'm happy about!

Anyway, sorted out my third year project today. Know what I've got to do. Got to learn Perl and Javascript to do it though :( So that'll mean buying books :( Still, got a week to get my proposals in on what exactly i'll be doing on the projcet so that's good. But on top of working, sorting out money and looking for jobs and catching up on lectures I've stil got shitloads to do. At least I'll look good doing it with all my new trousers though! Have to cut back going out a bit more this year. Speanding too much money boozing is ot relaly a good thing. Ahh well.