October 5th, 2002

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Got up at three today. Adam wanted me to go into town with him to buy a hoover but like couldnt be fucked. Having breakfast now. Went out last night. To the BOP. OK night not that great. Beer was cheap though. Everybody else was doing shots and fucked up mixers like double vodka and reef and shit like that. I was on pints and turbo shandies all night - wasnt up for boozing hard. just not in the mood what with my cold. was gonna go clothes shopping today. *badly* need new jeans and going-out trousers too. Couldnt be arsed though. Feel like shit what with my cold.

After wednesday night when I got very very boozed - been put off heavy drinki ng. Youkno wthat sitting around drinking all day but not really going out kind of boozed? Was like drinking with Huw from about 2 (he rung me up as I was getting out of bed and was like 'fancy a pint' and I was like 'yeah spose so' and like drunk with him till about seven, came back, spoke to a couple of people for hours on the phone then went and met Nuala and Jamie and Deirdre for the rest of the night in sofa then had some jacky Ds. but thats a shit kind of getting boozed youknow? sort of not going out for a night kind of thing just accidentally pissed because you're drinking all day. Anyway thats why I wasnt boozing last night and was just on pints all night. which I'm glad about because if I had a hangpover this morning i'd be well pissed off ontop of the cold whicbh I dot so thats cool. Still, drinking when you've got a cold helps sooth the throat so a few beers is probably a good course of action. Anyway so my prime course of action is getting rid of this cold. and cleanoing the house. But first food. Nice cup of tea. Will do me the world of good I think... bit too early for those two Becks i've got in the fridge.