October 1st, 2002

The kids of today

I don't know if its me

But I swear that the kids of today are more sensible and less alcoholic than my academic year.

When we were in the first year of uni, everybody I knew was an absolute pisshead, the student area was heaving every night even week nights except near exams and the Union was always crammed with people every day.

Last year me and my friends noticed how the pubs were simply less packed in the evenings and this years Freshers seem to have no go in them at all.

I worked during the Freshers Ball behind the bar, and the place started emptying at 2am - an hour before the bar shut!! I'm sure that never happened when we were there. And today in the union bar, we weren't busy at all!

I seriously think that generations younger than my year, even by a year, are more sensible and up for working hard and drinking less!

Is there anybody out here younger than me who can confirm that or older than me that feels the same?