September 29th, 2002

Interesting Dream Diary Post

I had a dream last night that was *about* people on livejournal!

Not everybody, but a lot of you. If I remember correctly, hawkida, sparklykat, ang_grrr, dougs and ajr were in it. The dream is patchy but I drove to this place with my dad. There was a pub on the front of it I think and I then remember tgoing into this long thin room. I don't relaly remember tlaki g to that many people. I remember that ang_grrr had bright red hair and didnt talk to me the whole night. ajr was dressed like the guy from Verve in the Bitter Sweet Symphony video with a leather jacket. Bungle, Zippy and George from Rainbow were also there. I was co-ersed by somebody to take photos of the group and the three Rainbow puppets stole all the shots. Bungle was lying strewed accross the sofa with Zippy and George on top of him. I took the photograph then.

I later went home in my dad's car. Two people from the party who I dont recognsie and dont recognise as LJ users were standing in the middle of the motorway in the opposite lane. For a start if is very, very weird as the opposite lane was the left lane which means we were driving on the right side of the motorway like they do abroad.

Anyway, these two people were standig in the motorway, it was twighlight and they were trying to beckon traffic to get them home. One was lifting up her shirt to flash her tits. Somebody who must have appeared n my car at this time said something like "tut, they'll pick up a dodgy bloke if they keep up like that, you get all sorts on motorways at this time of night" and low and behold some unidentified bloke with blond fucked up hair and a messy leather jacket appeared to pick them up. He might have bee Simon Kelly who's lj-username I can't remember.

Has anybody else ever had a dream about LJ people?