September 27th, 2002

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ok apparently I got 'nearly beaten up' by a fucked up bouncer. some bouncer fucking dragged me somewhere for ripping an A4 poster off the wall. I paniced and dialed 999 and legged it when he tried to pin me to a wall and bolt the doors so I couldnt escape. Apparently he threaterned my friends and they made me clal the police. they're really worreid that I am ok. big fuss about nothing if you ask me. but my friends are well worried about me saying the guy was a psycho looking for a fight. I am glad I have friends that care about me. But i'm also embarresed I ripped the silly laminated A4 poster thing off the wall and caused it and caused them to worry. Ahh alcohol is not a good thing.

Othe than that I had a really good night. Got to be up early this morning though. Ach. Register and stuff. Ahh well, another day. Another soberisation! bah. ahh well.

networking problem

I have a problem with networking two computers together. The networking process works well. and when both computers are up and running all is well.

I use some stand alone NAT software to share this computers' internet connection with the other and not Microsoft Windows' built in ICS.

The problem occurs, however, whenever the other computer, which is a laptop, isn't connected to my own. My own computer becomes unable to communicate with the internet at this point. It can dial up fine but not send or receive packes.

Switching off the routter software does not help when this occurs and to reconnect I have to reboot.

Does anybody have any idea why this might be happening and how I might remedy this?