September 10th, 2002

This and that

Yesterday I got a job - well in the student union - £5.60 an hour, which is good pay. And we get to choose what shifts we do per week on a first-come-first-served basis every friday evening. This means I can do one or two shifts a week in general and also be flexible around going out, working and if I need more money work a bit more. It is perfect. I also applied for a job at revolutions and another union. Revolutions have asked me back for a sort of interview/open day on friday which I may or may not go to - fancy seeing what its like. They also seem a good plaec to work as they're my favourite bar in manchester.

It's a Scream
An interesting development has occured in Manchester - all the pubs are becomming yellow pubs/bars - or 'its a scream' The famous chain, usually popular around university areas now has about seven bars up and down the student area. In many cases two next to eachother. A very large (but rundown) firkin has been taken over by them, another large irish-y pub in a small disused school and a small locally irish pub have been joined together and are also being turned into its a screams - opposite a fairly big one accross the road. My guess is some will be more clubby and others more pubby but whoever owns them are thinking very big. We're the biggest student area in the country and they are monopolosing it! Okay not quite, 7 isnt a lot really.. but still.

I'm not the biggest fan of yellow pubs - they're okay I suppose. It's irritating that you need a yellow card to buy any drinks at a reasonable price (i.e. 1.50ish a pint) instead of the 2.50ish a pint.