August 21st, 2002

It took me five bloody minutes to realise it was somebody else!

<Jamus_> hello?
<Jamus_> you alive?
<laserboy> hi
<Jamus_> how are you?
<laserboy> i'm ok
<Jamus_> you've not been on much, you haven't.
<Jamus_> been busy?
<laserboy> a little
<Jamus_> doing anything interesting?
<laserboy> only find mp3's
<Jamus_> heh.
<Jamus_> going to [...]'s barbeque this weekend?
<Jamus_> crikey
<Jamus_> I've just noticed you're on irc
*** laserboy is (ruben)
*** on channels: #eurodance4u
*** on irc via server (Jesus is coming, everyone look busy.)
<laserboy> no, because i study. I'm from Chile
<Jamus_> oops!
<Jamus_> i'm chatting to the wrong person then.

Last time I spark up a conversation with somebody before checking they're the right person!

Bloody people who use other people's irc handles... I dunno.
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The Weather


I get back to London - up in the 90s it was - must have peaked 95

Today - I look out the window at about six - and it's bloody freezing! Felt about 10 degrees! Steam coming out of my mouth and all the car windscreens down our street were frosted over!

I don't get English weather, I really, really don't.

Still. Given its not cloudy it should get warm today.
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Last night, I had a lucid dream!

That is to say, I had a dream that I could control!

I have been training myself to do this recently.

I wasn't able to keep it up for more than a few minutes but it's a start - it was brilliant.

For more information, I'll be posting a Dream Diary Post soon :)
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