August 7th, 2002


I am scared.

It is dark and I am the only person up.

I have been watching shows about the paranormal on *Living and now I am scared. There was this one about this poltergiest that produced weird smells and floating orbs, I've been outside in the garden and started smelling weird smells. I smelled, stuff like dentist's smells, the smell of and old building and fruit losingers - not common garden smells and it scared the frigg out of me.

So I've run upstairs to the computer and put the big light on.

And now the weather

More strange weather today.

At about teatime it got all overcast and the cat started getting restless and meowing. There were a few rumbles of thunder and I was all prepared for a storm but to no avail. There was some rain and it smelt a lot fresher but its gone all pretty humid now.

Monday was pretty similar now I mention it. I had a driving lesson and it couldn't have been any longer than ten minutes into it than we had terrential rain. It was really overcast when I got into the car and I was like "er,you'd better show me how the windscreen wipers work today" At one point I couldn't see any longer than 100 metres infront of the car. Good experience in stopping thought :)
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