August 4th, 2002

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Ahhh I love livejournal.

It must probably be the only medium where you can see posts about crucifixions and self harm side by side with posts about making desks out of flat-packs.

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Two rather strange ones last night.

The first I have little recollection of :(

All I remember, is being in London in an old building near Downing Street. I look out of the window and see the road that approaches horse guard's parade (nr St. James's park) and I am behind a big wall with two wrought iron gates and a big courtyard. I am being trained as a military spy/intelegance. person. I am in a big classroom with tables. The blonde girl from Bugs is there. I am asked to write a multiple choice test. If I get nine or more out of the the ten questions right then I pass and can go on a misson. If I get fewer than nine right I don't get in. As I am sitting there I feel a great sense of forboding and fear. That this mission I could potentially be sent on is very dangerous. I deliberately flunk many of the questions so that I know I won't pass the test. That is all I remember.

The next dream is quite lengthy and sort of spooky.

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There is probably more too it than that but I can't remember.

Anyway, it was quite a good night of it. The last one stretched out for aaaaaages. I even woke up a few times, ever so slightly and dozilly and went straight back into it. It was pretty vivid too. I like vivid dreams like that.
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