August 1st, 2002


Large companies don't often please me. Banks, electic companies, digital tv, insurance, isps, train companies - any organisation that takes your money on a regular basis always has some aspect of its service that is iritating be it its customer services, having to wait in queue for 5 minutes on an 0870 number at peak rate, fucking up your bill - owing you money, not providing the perfect service you want.

However T-Mobile, formerlly one2one seem to actually be genuinely good.

I hope I am not jinxing the good luck I've had with them out, touching wood and whistling as I write this, but they are really being good.

I have been with them for nearly two years now. With my origional contract I had no quarms, when I renewd my contract I was kindly given 40 for doing so and then a few months later found out I was entitled to a free phone upgrade (a 3330 no less) for being a loyal customer. So I got 40 and a new phone for staying with them a year. Then I got on their fantastic Everyone 100 plan which reduced my phone bill from about 70 a month to about 35-40 and today I find out that whilst keeping the same price plan I can "buy" text messages in bulk ontop. I can buy 100 text messages for 6 (about half price) meaning my bill will pretty much 30 solid every month. Which concidering how much I use my phone, if I were on Pay as you Go, the same amount would cost me up in the 80s.

So yes, I am happy with them.

Now my bill will be payed virtually entirely by line rental - all my calls, on peak, to other mobiles will come out of my minutes and my texts free.

And their customer services is free, never has any queues and everybody is really friendly and chatty. and I mean *EXSTREMELY* nice. it's so odd and refreshing.

The only problem is their coverage is bad outside big cities. But since I dont live outside big cities its ok.

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I had a scary dream earlier.

I can't remember much of it, other than it was scary.

The bit I remember clearly was being near a petrol pump. It took me ages to work out if it was the right petrol for the car (cant remember what car it was) I was filling. petrol kept coming out the pump before i put it in the car. I then stuck it in then I was lying in this petrol station near the pump sort of on the floor around the pump but I felt very, very unsafe. As if the pump would explode at any minute. The next thing I was being trapped in the car. I was a woman and I had the end of the petrol pump house in me and it was leaking petrol. There was then a man outside who wanted to set me on fire. Not sure what happened after that but I remember being outside being warned of dangerous people. I remember going somewhere to be safe and its all a bit blurry after that,
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