June 30th, 2002

People who don't finish there drinks

Why the fuck do people go into a pub, buy drinks and then don't finish them.

I'm not talking about dreggs at the bottom but whole pints/bottles/spirits half undrunk!

It is madness! I cannot comprehend why people do it.

Its annoying for me too. When putting glasses in the g;ass washer or bottles in the bin if they're half empty you hvae to empty them and the sink isn't that close to the bin and glass washer so it's fucking anoying

yet people do it, all through the day. Just decided to leave when their drinks are half finished.

The only time I ever, ever, ever leave a drink is when I'm so fucking severely hung over that I cannot finish my hair of the dog. And in those cases nine times out of ten I brave drinking the first two pints and by the time I reach the third the hangover's a lot better.

But when you're well why leave them!? If you're in a hurry just down the rest of it or drink up really quickly. And with the money *we* charge it's ludicrous.

Really gets on my nerves.