June 8th, 2002


I have a job

Well I have my old job back more to the point so this time next week I'll be pouring pints again, it looks like.

Better for my fianancial situation than drinking them as per my current stratergy.

I'm going back to London on Monday.

My Rules

hawkida wrote a list of rules she wants to live her life by so I thought I'd do my own.

Apologies if this turns into that irritating Baz Lurhman Song..


Observe and absorb This is one of hers but I thought it was important enough to copy. Life's too rich to let everything pass you by - observing how people behave and how the world works can only make you better off. Treat life as an exciting tv series (or thrilling novel if you prefer) - you don't want to miss a single episode even if you are only passively watching.

Don't let money rule your life Don't let lack or abundance of money rule your life. Don't get overly upset or anxious about financial situations or rule your life around your finances, even if it means temporary debt. Be sensible by all means but don't let cash get the better of you - Try not to lend people large sums of money unless you really need to - even if they're friends as it can ruin friendships. With small amounts of money don't make it a big of it or get worked up if people forget or are slow to pay. Its only money. Do rounds in pubs because it makes life easier and shows you who your mates really are but don't go counting every drink. If you go out drinking with the same people a lot it is all swings and roundabouts Don't be too fussy and precise about cash - there are more important things to worry about in life. Allow the odd red bill and don't go to too much trouble to keep your bank statements in a nice neat file!

Get out on a regular basis Don't spend too much time stuck in by yourself watching television or on behind a computer - Get out often even if its down the pub for a quick few or over to somebody else's to watch tv. Never ever spend more than twenty four hours maximum by yourself.

Take friendships seriously Try not to loose contact with people you've strayed away from unless you have reason to. Meet up with those you haven't seen in a while even if it means traveling. Respect and understand your closest friends and get to know your less close ones better. Be there for people you like.

Never over-expose yourself to politics Or political debate. Too much politics in the work place, home, other groupings is never good for you. Try to restrain yourself and your beliefs to moderation. Be tactful and listen to everybody and try and understand everybody's points of view even if its directly opposing that of your own. If there is somebody you really cannot stand keep away from them.

Avoid stress at all costs It is a killer and makes your life a misery. Try very hard to teach yourself to take everything that leads to stress a lot less easily. IF something works you up teach yourself not to be as fussed about it unless it is an important priority like friends or family. Look at everything from a calm and laid back point of view.

Music is the essence of life Try to listen to as much of your favourite music as you can - immerse yourself in it - have the radio (or an album/mp3 playlist) on in the background whenever you're working and carry a portable listening device of some kind whenever you go.

Drink Consume alcohol on a regular basis but be sensible about it (i.e. try not to binge drink). It is a relaxant and as such necessary in this hectic world. Alternatively drink a lot of tea/smoke a lot of weed if those are your preferred ambrosia of stress.

Pleasure Don't dwell on misery and try and get excited about the small things in life and look forward to everything worth looking forward to. Take every opportunity to have a good time and enjoy yourself. Invest in pleasure over and above work and your career - and on an equal par with friends and family

Travel Get about, see new places, go abroad, see new continents and cultures and enjoy yourself while you're doing it. You don't need to go in search of yourself or find something just going abroad and having a good time somewhere else is good enough.

Don't delve too deep into yourself Often your mind and your life is less complicated than it seems. Try not to read into things too far - often reading things on face value is the best way forward. Never be paranoid, If you think you are just forget about it and get on with something else.

Be yourself and who you want to be Be yourself but make yourself who you want to be. You can change yourself and if you don't like who you are doesn't mean you should stay that way for the sake of being yourself!

Aim for immortality Try to aim for a long and healthy life. get those little bits of exercise and take those vitamins but don't become obsessed about it. Avoid stress at all costs. Practise safe sex with strangers at all costs. Always carry contraception wherever you go whoever you are however much you have it off.

Walk Walk places. Take the time to think and enjoy a nice leisurely stroll and get some fresh air. A walk is often a great calming tool and helps you feel a great sense of achievement. Walk whenever it is possible to avoid other forms of transport.

Don't be a big head Don't constantly keep trying to prove how great you are or that you're a wonderful person just be yourself. Avoid arrogance at all costs but don't play the fool either.

Trends Get the balance right. Don't feel the need to follow trends just to fit in but at the same don't deliberately try to be different just for the sake of not being a sheep. The latter is equally as bad as the former. Dress fashionably but not overly so, Maintain your individuality but don't exclude yourself too far from the norm. Don't feel ashamed of being part of a crowd don't feel ashamed of standing up and being an individual. Ultimately do things because you want to do them and if everybody else does the same all the better.

Don't be ashamed of your body! Or showing it off! Let it breathe, don't be afraid of dressing in the summer - wear sandals and shorts, or low cut tops show your sexy parts off!

Get your hair right. If you don't like maintenance go for a look that is easy to maintain and looks good. - i.e. if you're a bloke short hair. Avoid ridiculous facial hair at all costs - Never have a beard and never ever a goatee. You'll look like a twat.

And finally, Wear Sunscreen :-)

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