June 6th, 2002

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I act like I'm 19.
This test was brought to you by James - Part of the David and James phenomenon. Take it here.

Very hung over from last night still :( massive pissup at union, was drunk before I got there - oh too much southern comfort, beer and other stuff. :(

been in bed all afternoon - woke up at 12 on a mate's sofa had to get back here to help somebody move out and was generally very ill and sick and my moth's all horrible and drug from smoking

still good night from what I remember. lots of fun on dodgem cars and randomly getting lost and chatitng to strange girls about football and going on swingy up-fairground ridy things and tasting a very spicy chiken burger or something. Thats about all I can remember, aargh wonder if I've got money left to go watch football tmmorrow?
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    Underworld - Born Slippy