June 4th, 2002

Strange Dreams

Two dreams worthy of note last night.

First of all there was this one about the people in the shop accross the road. There was this in joke we had that the indian bloke was always really happy so he was getting it off with this ugly middle aged white woman who worked there during the day and his wife was always miserable so she wasnt getting any!

Anyway in this dream it was really strange because we were there and she was telliing us about how he'd moved out to live with this woman and she was left living in the shop by herself and he would still visit during the day to help out - it was very surreal in the deadly seriousness about the people in the shop!! All very strange

Oh and the old indian guy gave me a *new* five pound note (youknow the new ones that have just come out) and a same styled 1 note in change - what's that mean?

* * *

This other one I was getting a bus, it was a number 30 for some reason but it was a really really friendly bus. It had a woman bus driver who was really nice and quite fit too, she was 30-40s yet kept her shape. Anyway we stopped in this depoty thing and she said she'd *wait* while I went ot the cash machine to get money and then when I came back I was sitting on all these strangers ont he bus but everybody was friendly and chatty to eachother and we were sat on tables facing eachother like in a train! And we had cocktails served to us and the bus driver woman let us take it in turns to ride the bus! Then her daughter who was blonde and looked just Kate off big brother came upto me and started flighting and coming on. She then got very touchy feely and sat on my lap but I was worried about doing anything back because her mum was sat close (she wasnt in a booth she was like three seats up the middle of the bus driving it from there! - all very strange, and then I woke up.
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