May 23rd, 2002

My Dillemma

I'm not sure what to do.

I'm thinking about just sticking with bar work possibly but do I do it in Manchester or in London... Its really something I cant decide.

Pros of living in Manchester - my own house (which I'd be paying rent for anyway), plenty of bar work especially as I know people who could probably get me a job - should be good during the commonwealth games, got a few mates who are staying up there, its a lot cheaper to live and perhaps more importantly more cheaper to go out!

Cons - lots of people I know will either be back home or on holiday, have to pay for my own food, probably end up living in the house by myself until august. Landlord might stop the half summer rent if he knows I'm living there so I'd be paying 40 a week not 20.

Pros of living in London - free food, free living, near London - know a loads more people down here, in some ways easier to stay down here.

Cons - Gotta live with parents, more costly to go out.


I have just been reading BBC News Online, in particular president Bush's visit to Europe in this article, "Bush urges unity to fight terror":

And it has got me very worked up. I responded to the talking point on the matter of America and Europe's "special relationship" ( and this is what I had to say:

      Our relationship with America? Simple - Bush is trying to manipulate us. He is trying to make out that his and America's own enemies are really enemies of the entire western world when really they're not. The reason for this is simple, he is trying to get us on side to help and justify him and his nation carrying on flexing its military muscle and creating war after war.

      We've all heard the catch phrases, "We will defeat the enemies of freedom" or "Our generation faces new and grave threats to liberty." These threats are no such thing - they are threats to America and America alone. Can nobody see that this is all blatant propaganda? One big attempt to make every action America takes look righteous and noble? Bush is trying to make out that the world can be split into "good" and "evil" when really nothing is ever that black and white.

      I think that as the biggest union of states in the western world, Europe should do its upmost to avoid being dragged into America's battles. We have our own lives to lead and our own society to look out for and protect. If we start joining in with America and create some global fight against America's enemies then we stand a strong risk of getting caught up in the crossfire, and for what? Global terrorism is just another name for "Countries and organisations who hate America" and I don't see why we should talked into making their enemies ours too.

I'm not sure if it will get published (you never can tell with BBC News talking points, sometimes they publish my stuff sometimes they don't) - but it certainly got me worked up... Right now I absolutely despise the American government and everything it stands for.