May 21st, 2002


I desperately need a job this summer from june to september - any ideas where I could start looking for one

I'm gonna ring around a few agencies (gonna ring my mate paras as he was with one last year) and see what they can do for me but any other ideas?

I don't really want to do bar work again because I'd want something that pays a bit better. Hopefully with a bit of luck if worse came to worse I could get me old job back down the pub but I'd rather do something that paid more betterly

Bits and bobs

Back in London for the time being - well for a week... mainly because I'm skint as fuck and want my food cooked for me :-)

I had an exam on yesterday - Java. It wasn't that bad and I think I did quite well in it (even though it did take me twenty minutes to remember what a wrapper class was) but it is the next four exams I'm shitting myself over. Those are the ones I went to the least lectures for!! I really need to revise my arse off this week. The fact I've got four exams in the space of five days next week doesn't make things better for the revision point of view - it means that I've only got one evening after one exam to start revising for the next so I have to really start revising for everything the day before.

Anyway, got the train back - had to wait half an hour at the front of our house becuase my parents were on their way back from spain and I didnt have my keys back with me. I thought they'd be back by five, got here at six and they didnt get back to the house until half past six - bit of a bugger that. Especially as I had hardly much sleep the night before what with getting my java revision done and then packing to come hope. If it hadnt been for the two beers in the union and the few with my mate Huw who I was catchingthe train back with i don't know how I would make it.

Anyway so I am back here. For those of you that desire in anyway to speak to me online via methods other than internet relay chat, Nick, Sea, Nick again, dsn, Nick once more --- then you can see me on IRC most nights this week at some point or another! I'll hang around that #bluemidget place.

Anyawy so this week my main plans are to revise, look for a job, try again to extend my overdraft (at my local bank this time) and set my parents up with sky digital or soemthing similar for over the summer where I will (hopefully) be.

Wish me luck