May 14th, 2002


I went to the bank today to request an extension of the overdraft variety.

I am currently 984 pounds short (although 960 when I pay a checque in)

Basically they said no.

Apparently I was offeed a credit card when I opened the account and I declined it - as such she said that the bank do not offer any extension of overdraught (other than the standard 250 a year increase) if you haven't first taken up the offer of a credit card and maxed it first... I dont really want a card as if I use it I haev to pay it back at a rate of 5 a month but I have no choice as over the summer I am going to have little things like unexpected phone bills and stuff to pay.

So when she offered it to me again I took it.

She was quite nice about it - like "you can always cut it up" and stuff but ahh well. Its better than nothing I suppose