May 9th, 2002

Update on my hot flushes

The said toilet that was flushing hot has yet to be attended to by our Landlady and her renting agency.

I rang up the other day and they fobbed me off to say that it was just because "the pipe was touching another hot pipe" which I knew was utter bollocks.

The next day I went about following the input pipe to the source (and making definate it was a hot pipe) and then also checking that the boiler switches on when the toilet flushes (its an instant combination boilet you see) and now have guarenteed that it is indeed flushing hot water.

I rang Letts Rent up again and they said they'd send somebody round to confirm and then "discuss" out gas bill.. Nobody has been round yet and this was last friday so I think I'd better give them another ring

Additionally the toilet has bizzarely stopped flushing properly, its started flushing a weak little semi-flush. I'll have to go investigating again later.
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