May 6th, 2002

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I've decided to give up smoking

I think I can go without a fag whilst sober but I'm not sure about whilst drunk

Also I have about 15 fags to get rid of. I'm trying to think of somebody I'm likely to meet in the next couple of days that smokes marlborough lights

Hopefully if I don't go out and get seriously boozed for a while (which is the plan anyway as I'm too skint and have been doing too much drinking lately) I'll be able to give up permanantly.
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I've started smoking again

A random turkish guy has arrived.

He's one of my flatmtaes - Alison's estranged boyfriend and he's turned up out of the blue from Scotland

Alison, of course, is not here - she's out goodness knows where getting wasted I was making a bacon sandwich, minding my own business and some random guy was banging on the backdoor window. - presumably to find alison and plead his undying love and ask her to get back together - or something to that effect.

Hmmm. Apparently he's muslamic - I wonder if he was offended by my bacon sandwich... hmmm

Ahh well, such is life. I'll leave him downstairs to watch what remains of ITV digital and sleep on the sofa.

perhaps I should offer him a fag. It'd be a start to getting rid of some of them

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Life is looking up

I've given up smoking again and there's a cool Garage remix of "no scrubs" on Radio 1
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    a cool Garage remix of "no scrubs" on Radio 1